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Application Overview – Crafts

Application Overview – Crafts

Laser Cut Crafts

How Can A Laser Machine Be Used In The Arts And Crafts?

When it comes to producing crafts, a laser machine can be your ideal partner. The laser engravers are simple to operate, and you can beautify your works of art in no time. Laser engraving can be used to refine jewelry or to produce new works of art utilizing the laser machine. Personalize your decorations by laser engraving them with photos, graphics, or names. Personalized presents are an extra service you may provide to your consumers. Besides laser engraving, laser cutting crafts is a favorable method for the industrial production and personal creations.

Video Glance of Laser Cut Wood Craft

✔  No chipping – thus, no need to clean the processing area

✔  High precision and repeatability

✔  Non-contact laser cutting reduces breakage and waste

✔  No tool wear

Know More About Laser Cutting

Benefits of Laser Cut Craft

Laser Cutting

● The property of versatility: Laser technology is well-known for its adaptability. you can cut or engrave anything you desire. The laser cutting machine Works With a variety of materials such as ceramic, wood, rubber, plastic, Acrylic...

High accuracy and low time-consuming: Laser cutting is much quicker and more precise when compared to other cutting methods as the laser beam will not wear materials during the automatic laser cutting process.

Reduce cost and error: Laser cutting has a cost advantage in that less material is wasted thanks to the automatic process and the chances of an error are reduced.

● Safe operation with no direct contact: Because lasers are controlled by computer systems, there is less direct contact with the equipment during the cut, and the hazards are minimized.

Recommended Laser Cutter for Crafts

• Laser Power: 100W/150W/300W

• Working Area: 1300mm * 900mm (51.2” * 35.4 ”)

• Laser Power: 40W/60W/80W/100W

• Working Area: 1000mm * 600mm (39.3” * 23.6 ”)

• Laser Power: 180W/250W/500W

• Working Area: 400mm * 400mm (15.7” * 15.7”)

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Laser Cutter Examples of Laser Cut Crafts

Wood Crafts

Woodworking is a dependable craft that has evolved into a fascinating form of art and architecture. Woodworking has evolved into an international hobby that dates back to ancient civilization and should now be a lucrative company. A laser system can be used to modify products to make one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind items that signify more. Woodcraft can be transformed into the ideal gift with laser cutting.

Acrylic Crafts

Clear acrylic is a versatile craft medium that resembles the beauty of glass decor while being relatively inexpensive and durable. Acrylic is ideal for crafts because of its versatility, durability, adhesive properties, and low toxicity. Laser cutting is commonly utilized in acrylic to produce higher-quality jewelry and displays while also reducing labor costs due to its autonomous accuracy.

Leather Crafts

Leather has always been associated with high-end items. It has a unique feel and wear quality that can't be duplicated, and as a result, it gives an item a more rich and personal feel. Laser cutting machines employ digital and automatic technology, which provides the capability to hollow out, engrave, and cut in the leather industry which can add value to your leather products.

Paper Crafts

Paper is a craft material that may be used in a variety of ways. Almost every project can benefit from the variety of color, texture, and size options. To distinguish out in today's increasingly competitive market, a paper product must have a higher level of aesthetic flare. Laser-cut paper allows for the creation of incredibly precise designs that would be impossible to achieve using conventional technologies. Laser-cut paper has been used in greeting cards, invitations, scrapbooks, wedding cards, and packing.

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