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Application Overview – Laser Cutting

Application Overview – Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

You must be familiar with traditional knife cutting, milling cutting and punching. Different from mechanical cutting which directly pressures on the material by external force, laser cutting can melt through the material depending on thermal energy released by laser light beam.

How does a Laser Cutter Work?

Highly concentrated laser beam, amplified through multiple reflections, harnesses immense energy to instantly burn through materials with exceptional precision and quality. The high absorption rate ensures minimal adhesion, guaranteeing top-notch results. Laser cutting eliminates the need for direct contact, preventing material distortion and damage while preserving the integrity of the cutting head. This level of precision is unattainable with conventional processing methods, which often require tool maintenance and replacement due to mechanical strain and wear.

Sublimation fabric laser cutting video

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Laser cutting is a digital and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cutting methods, widely applicable across various materials and industries. Whether it's metals, textiles, or composites, laser cutting offers unmatched versatility and efficiency.

Why Choose Laser Cutting Machine?


High Quality

•  Precise cutting with fine laser beam

•  Automatic cutting avoids manual error

•  Smooth edge through heat melting

•  No material distortion and damage




•  Consistent processing and high repeatability

  Clean environment without chippings and dust

  One-off completing dispenses with post processing

  No need for tool maintenance and replacing




•  No limitation on any contours, patterns and shapes

  Pass through structure extends material format

  High customization for options

  Adjustment at any time with digital control



Laser cutting features great compatibility with various materials, including metal, textiles, composites, leather, acrylic, wood, natural fibers and more. Need to attention is that different materials correspond to different laser adaptability and laser parameters.

More Benefits from Mimo - Laser Cutting

- Quick laser cutting design for patterns by MimoPROTOTYPE

- Automatic nest with Laser Cutting Nesting Software

- Cut along the edge of the contour with Contour Recognition System

- Distortion compensation through CCD Camera


- More accurate Position Recognition for patch and label

- Economical cost for customized Working Table in format and variety

- Free Material Testing for your materials

- Elaborate laser cutting guide and suggestion after laser consultant

Recommended laser cutting machine

Contour Laser Cutter 130

The Mimowork’s Contour Laser Cutter 130 is mainly for cutting and engraving. You can choose different working platforms for different materials.....

Contour Laser Cutter 160L

Contour Laser Cutter 160L is equipped with an HD Camera on the top which can detect the contour and transfer the pattern data to the fabric pattern cutting machine directly....

Flatbed Laser Cutter 160

The Mimowork’s Flatbed Laser Cutter 160 is mainly for cutting roll materials. This model is especially R&D for soft materials cutting, like textile and leather laser cutting.…

MimoWork, as an experienced laser cutter supplier and laser partner, has been exploring and developing proper laser cutting technology, meet the requirements from laser cutting machine for home use, industrial laser cutter, fabric laser cutter, etc. Besides the advanced and customized laser cutters, to better help the clients with conducting laser cutting business and improving production, we provide thoughtful laser cutting services to solve your worries.

Applications & materials suitable for laser cutting

laser cutting materials

acrylic, paper, leather, polyester, wood, foam, felt, Cordura, nylon, spacer fabric, fiberglass, plastic, glass…

skisuit, sublimation sportswear, patch (label), car mat, signage, banner, footwear, filter cloth, sandpaper, insulation…

laser cutting applications

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