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The advertising & gifts industry involves multitudinous materials including wood, acrylic, plastic, paper, film, textile and so on. Premium materials performances make them common as signage, billboard, display, banner, and exquisite gifts. There is no doubt that laser features great process-ability to these, the powerful laser energy with fine laser beam and heat treatment can create smooth and flat laser-works. High precision and high efficiency are the outstanding characteristics of laser cutting. Moreover, due to the customization and production flexibility, the laser cutting machine is capable of quickly responding to diverse market demands whilst no need of extra tools investment.

Different laser machine types are coming with the various processing techniques. Flatbed laser cutting machines have excellent cutting and engraving performance for the solid materials and textiles, and optional working areas are customized according actual materials sizes. Galvo laser engraver is designed to mark (engrave) with greatly fine details and ultra speed. For the printed materials or patterned materials, the contour laser cutter machine equipped with the camera recognition device fits you. Professional materials testing prompt us to becoming reliable cooperation partner with clients. Detailed information to be obtained in MimoWork Materials Collection.

▍ Application Examples

signage, company labeling, acrylic model, acrylic LED display, light guide plate, backlight, trophies, printed acrylic (key chain, billboard, decor), award, product stand, retailer signs, bracket, cosmetic stand, partition screens

printed advertising (banner, flag, teardrop flag, pennant, posters, billboards, exhibition displays, backdrops, soft signage), background screen, wall covering, felt gifts, foam toolbox, plush toy

craftsjigsaw puzzle, wood signage, die boards, architectural models, furniture, toys, decorating veneer inlays, instruments, storage box, wood tag,  print woodwork

invitation card, 3D greeting card, greeting card, paper artware, paper lantern, kirigami, cardboard, paperboard, package, business card, book covers, scrapbook

Self-adhesive foil, double adhesive foil, display protection film, decorative film, reflective film, back film, lettering film

How to Laser Cut Acrylic Gifts for Christmas?

In today's exciting showcase, we're diving into the magical world of laser-cut Christmas gifts that are bound to dazzle. Just imagine, your unique acrylic designs effortlessly coming to life with impeccable engraving details and a precision-cutting edge. These laser-cut Christmas gifts aren't just tags; they're exquisite ornaments that will elevate your home and Christmas tree to a whole new level of festive cheer.

Join us on this spirited journey as we spread joy with our CO2 laser cutter, turning ordinary acrylic into extraordinary, personalized gifts that capture the magic of the season.

What Can You Do with Paper Laser Cutter?

Step into the realm of creativity with the CO2 paper laser cutter, where possibilities unfold in every precise cut. This video explores the diverse landscape of laser-cut paper designs, unveiling the potential to craft intricate invitations, 3D models, decorative paper flowers, and precisely engraved pictures.

Discover the artistic horizons that laser cutting unleashes on paper, unlocking a world of intricate possibilities. Join us on this educational journey, where we unveil the technology behind the magic and inspire you to explore the boundless creativity achievable with a paper laser cutter.

▍ MimoWork Laser Machine Glance

◼ Working Area: 3200mm * 1400mm

◻ Suitable for contour laser cutting printed flag, banner, signage

◼ Working Area: 1300mm * 900mm

◻ Suitable for laser cutting and engraving on wood, acrylic, plastic

◼ Maximum Web Width: 230mm/9"; 350mm/13.7"

◼ Maximum Web Diameter: 400mm/15.75"; 600mm/23.6"

◻ Suitable for laser cutting film, foil, tape

What are the benefits of laser cutting for advertising & Gifts?

Why MimoWork?

MimoWork Smart Vision System guarantees accurate contour recognition and precise pattern cutting effect

Advanced laser options and customized working tables make processing flexible and convenient

Specialized and considerate laser service offer reliable guarantee for clients' production

Fine laser beam and digital control system create subtle and intricate laser engraving details

Flat and intact materials without breaking and crushing due to laser contact-less processing

Laser thermal treatment is able to seal the edge so as for smooth edges without fraying 

No materials fixation thanks to MimoWork vacuum working table

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Check out the following materials for detailed information: acrylic, wood, MDF, plywood, paper, plastic, glass, leather, foil, film, fabric, sublimation fabric, polyester, felt, foam, plush, stone and so on.

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