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Whether you are a person who has been using laser equipment for many years, would like to invest in new laser equipment, or is just interested in laser, Mimo-Pedia is always here to share all kinds of valuable laser information for free to help you enhance the comprehension of lasers and further solve practical production problems.

All enthusiasts who have insights about CO2 laser cutter and engraver, Fiber laser marker, laser welder, and laser cleaner are welcome to contact us to express opinions and suggestions.

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The laser is considered a new digital and eco-friendly processing technology in favor of future production and life. With the vision of devoting to facilitating production updates and optimizing ways of life and work for everyone, MimoWork has been selling advanced laser machines around the world. Owning rich experience and professional production capacity, we believe that we are held accountable for delivering high-quality laser machines.


Laser Knowledge

Aiming to incorporate laser knowledge into familiar life and further push laser technology into practice, the column starts with laser hot issues and confusions, systematically explains laser principles, laser applications, laser development, and other issues.

It is always not too much to know laser knowledge including laser theory and laser applications for those who want to explore laser processing. As for the people who have purchased and been using laser equipment, the column will give you all-around laser technological support in practical production.

Maintenance & Care

With rich on-site and on-line guidance experience for worldwide clients, we are bringing practical and convenient tips and tricks in case you encounter the situations like software operating, electric circuit failure, mechanical troubleshooting and so on.

Make sure a safe working environment and operating workflow for maximum output and profits.

Material Testing

Material testing is a project that continues to make progress. Faster output and excellent quality have always been concerning to customers, and so have we.

MimoWork has been expertized in laser processing for various materials and keeps pace with new materials research so that clients achieve the most satisfying laser solutions. Textile fabrics, composite materials, metal, alloy, and other materials can all be tested for the right and accurate guidance and suggestions to customers in different fields.

Video Gallery

To gain a better understanding of laser, you can watch our videos for more dynmic visual presentation of laser performance on different kinds of materials.

Daily Dose of Laser Knowledge

How Long will a CO2 Laser Cutter Last?

Unlock the secrets of CO2 laser cutter longevity, troubleshooting, and replacement in this insightful video. Delve into the world of consumables in CO2 Laser Cutters with a special focus on the CO2 Laser Tube. Uncover the factors that can potentially ruin your tube and learn effective strategies to avoid them. Is constantly buying a glass CO2 laser tube the only option?

The video addresses this question and provides alternative options to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your CO2 laser cutter. Find the answers to your queries and gain valuable insights into maintaining and optimizing the lifespan of your CO2 laser tube.

Find Laser Focal Length Under 2 Minutes

Discover the secrets of finding the focus of a laser lens and determining the focal length for laser lenses in this concise and informative video. Whether you're navigating the complexities of focusing on a CO2 laser or seeking answers to specific questions, this bite-size video has you covered.

Drawing from a longer tutorial, this video provides quick and valuable insights into mastering the art of laser lens focus. Uncover the essential techniques to ensure precise focus and optimal performance for your CO2 laser.

What can a 40W CO2 Laser Cut?

Unlock the capabilities of a 40W CO2 laser cutter in this enlightening video where we explore various settings for different materials. Providing a CO2 laser cutting speed chart applicable to the K40 Laser, this video offers valuable insights into what a 40W laser cutter can achieve.

While we deliver suggestions based on our findings, the video emphasizes the importance of testing these settings yourself for optimal results. If you have a minute to spare, dive into the world of 40W laser cutter capabilities and gain new knowledge to enhance your laser cutting experience.

How does a CO2 Laser Cutter Work?

Embark on a quick journey into the world of laser cutters and CO2 lasers in this succinct and informative video. Answering fundamental questions such as how laser cutters work, the principles behind CO2 lasers, the capabilities of laser cutters, and whether CO2 lasers can cut metal, this video provides a wealth of knowledge in just two minutes.

If you have a brief moment to spare, indulge in learning something new about the fascinating realm of laser cutting technology.

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