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Material Overview – Acrylic

Material Overview – Acrylic

Laser Cutting Acrylic (PMMA)

Professional and qualified Laser Cutting on Acrylic


With the development of technology and the improvement of laser power, CO2 laser technology is becoming more established in manual and industrial acrylic machining. No matter its cast (GS) or extruded (XT) acrylic glass, the laser is the ideal tool to cut and engrave acrylic with significantly lower processing costs comparing with traditional milling machines. Capable of processing a variety of material depths, MimoWork Laser Cutters with customized configurations design and proper power can meet different processing requirements, resulting in perfect acrylic workpieces with crystal-clear, smooth cut edges in a singles operation, no need for additional flame polishing.

Not only laser cutting, but laser engraving can enrich your design and realize free customization with delicate styles. Laser cutter and laser engraver can truly turn your incomparable vector and pixel designs into custom acrylic products with no limitation.

Laser cut printed acrylic

Awesomely, printed acrylic can be also laser cut accurately with pattern Optical Recognition Systems. Advertising board, daily decorations, and even memorable gifts made of photo printed acrylic, supported by printing and laser cutting technology, easy to be achieved with both high speed and customization. You can laser cut printed acrylic as your customized design, that's convenient and high efficiency.


Video glance for Acrylic Laser Cutting

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Attentive Tips

1. Higher purity acrylic sheet can achieve better cutting effect.

2. The edges of your pattern should not be too narrow.

3. Select the laser cutter with the right power for flame-polished edges.

4. The blowing should be as slight as possible to avoid heat diffusion which could also lead to burning edge.

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Recommended Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

Small Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
(Acrylic Laser Engraving Machine)

Mainly for cutting & engraving. You can choose different working platforms for different materials. This model is specially designed for the signs...

Large Format Acrylic Laser Cutter

Best entry-level model for large format solid materials, this machine is designed with access to all four sides, allowing unrestricted unloading and loading...

Galvo Acrylic Laser Engraver

Ideal choice of marking or kiss-cutting on non-metal workpieces. The GALVO head can be adjusted vertically according to the size of your material...

Laser processing for Acrylic


1. Laser Cutting on Acrylic

Proper and right laser power guarantees heat energy uniformly melt through acrylic materials. Precise cutting and fine laser beam create unique acrylic artwork with flame-polished edge.


2. Laser Engraving on Acrylic

Free and flexible realization from digital customized graphic design to practical engraving pattern on acrylic. Intricate and subtle pattern can be laser engraved with rich details, which don't contaminate and damage acrylic surface as the same time.

Benefits from Laser Cutting Acrylic Sheets


Polished & crystal edge


Flexible shape cutting


Intricate pattern engraving

  Accurate pattern cutting with optical recognition systems

  No contamination supported by fume extractor

✔  Flexible processing for any shape or pattern


  Perfectly polished clean cutting edges in a single operation

  No need to clamp or fix the acrylic due to contactless processing

  Improving efficiency from feeding, cutting to receiving with shuttle working table


Typical applications for Laser Cutting and Engraving Acrylic

• Advertisement Displays

• Architectural Model Construction

• Company Labeling

• Delicate Trophies

• Printed Acrylic

• Modern Furniture

• Outdoor Billboards

• Product Stand

• Retailer Signs

• Sprue Removal

• Bracket

• Shopfitting

• Cosmetic Stand


Material information of Laser Cutting Acrylic


As a light-weight material, acrylic has filled all aspects of our lives and is widely used in the industrial composite materials field and advertising & gifts fileds due to its superior performance. Excellent optical transparency, high hardness, weather resistance, printability, and other characteristics make the production of acrylic increase year by year. We can see some lightboxes, signs, brackets, ornaments and protective equipment made of acrylic. Furthermore, UV printed acrylic with rich color and pattern are gradually universal and add more flexibility and customization. It is very wise to choose the laser systems to cut and engrave acrylic based on the versatility of acrylic and the advantages of laser processing.

Common Acrylic Brands in the market:

PLEXIGLAS®, Altuglas®, Acrylite®, CryluxTM, Crylon®, Madre Perla®, Oroglas®, Perspex®, Plaskolite®, Plazit®, Quinn®

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