Material Overview – Fiberglass Composites

Material Overview – Fiberglass Composites

Laser Cutting Fiberglass

Professional and qualified Laser Cutting Solution for Fiberglass Composites

Laser system is most suitable for cutting textiles made of glass fibers. In particular, the non-contact processing of the laser beam and its related non-deformation laser cutting and high precision are the most critical features of the application of laser technology in textile processing. Compared with other cutting tools such as knives and punching machines, the laser is not blunt when cutting fiberglass cloth, so the cutting quality is stable.

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Video glance for Laser Cutting Fiberglass Fabric Roll

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Best way to cut fiberglass insulation

✦ Clean edge

✦ Flexible shape cutting

✦ Accurate sizes

Tips and Tricks

a. Touching fiberglass with gloves
b. Adjust laser power and speed as thickness of fiberglass
c. Exhaust fan & fume extrator can help with clean and safe environment

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Recommended Laser Cutting Machine for Fiberglass Cloth

Flatbed Laser Cutter 160

How to cut fiberglass panels without the ash? The CO2 laser cutting machine will do the trick. Place the fiberglass panel or fiberglass cloth on the working platform, leave the rest work to the CNC laser system.

Flatbed Laser Cutter 180

Multiple laser heads and auto-feeder are the options to upgrade your fabric laser cutting machine to increase the cutting efficiency. Especially for small pieces of fiberglass cloth, the die cutter or the CNC knife cutter cannot cut as precisely as the industrial laser cutting machine does.

Flatbed Laser Cutter 250L

The Mimowork’s Flatbed Laser Cutter 250L is R&D for technical textile and cut-resistant fabric. With the RF Metal Laser Tube

Benefits from Laser Cutting on Fiberglass Fabric

fiberglass clean edge

Clean & smooth edge

fiberglass multi thickness

Suitable for multi-thickness

  No fabric distortion

  CNC precise cutting

  No cutting residue or dust


  No tool wear

  Processing in all directions


Typical applications for Laser Cutting Fiberglass Cloth

Insulation Materials

Filter Media

• Wallcloth


• Fiber-Reinforced Plastic



• Printed Circuit Boards

• Fiberglass Mesh

• Fiberglass Panels



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▶ Video Demo: Laser Cutting Silicone Fiberglass

Laser cutting silicone fiberglass involves using a laser beam for precise and intricate shaping of sheets composed of silicone and fiberglass. This method provides clean and sealed edges, reduces material waste, and offers versatility for custom designs. The non-contact nature of laser cutting minimizes physical stress on the material, and the process can be automated for efficient manufacturing. Proper consideration of material properties and ventilation is crucial for optimal results in laser cutting silicone fiberglass.

You Can Use Laser to Make:

Laser-cut silicone fiberglass sheets are utilized in the production of gaskets and seals for applications requiring a high level of precision and durability. Besides industrial applications, you can use laser-cutting silicone fiberglass for custom furniture and interior design. Laser cutting fiberglass is popular and common in various fields:

• Insulation     • Electronics     • Automotive     • Aerospace     • Medical Devices     • Interior

Material Information of Fiberglass Cloth

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Glass fiber is used for heat and sound insulation, textile fabrics, and glass fiber reinforced plastic. Although glass fiber reinforced plastics are very cost-effective, they are still high-quality glass fiber compounds. One of the advantages of glass fiber as a composite material combined with a compatible plastic matrix is its high elongation at break and elastic energy absorption. Even in corrosive environments, glass fiber reinforced plastics have excellent corrosion-resistent behavior. This makes it a suitable material for plant construction vessels or hulls. Laser cutting of glass fiber textiles is usually used in the automotive industry that requires stable quality and high precision.

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