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Material Overview – Nylon

Material Overview – Nylon

Nylon Laser Cutting

Professional and qualified Laser Cutting solution for Nylon


Parachutes, activewear, ballistic vest, military clothing, the familiar nylon-made products all can be laser cut with the flexible and precise cutting method. Non-contact cutting on nylon avoids material distortion and damage. Thermal treatment and accurate laser power deliver dedicated cutting results for cutting nylon sheet, ensuring clean edge, eliminating the trouble of burr-trimming. MimoWork laser systems provide customers with customized nylon cutting machine for different requirements (various nylon variations, different sizes, and shapes).

Ballistic nylon (ripstop nylon) is a typical functional nylon represent as the main material of military gear, bulletproof vest, outdoor equipment. High tension, abrasion-resistance, tear-proof are outstanding characteristics of ripstop. Just because of that, common knife cutting maybe encounter troubles of tool wear, not cutting through and others. Laser cutting ripstop nylon becomes more efficient and powerful method in apparel and sports gear production. Non contact cutting ensures the optimal nylon performance and functionality.


Laser Knowledge
- cutting nylon

How to cut Nylon with the Fabric Laser Cutting Machine?

CO2 laser source with 9.3 and 10.6 micron wavelength is prone to be partly absorbed by nylon materials to melt the material by photothermal conversion. Additionally, flexible and varied processing methods can create more possibilities for nylon articles, including laser cutting and laser engraving. Inherent processing feature of laser system has been no stopping the pace of innovating for customers' more demands.

Why laser cut nylon sheet?


Clean edge for any angles


Fine small holes with high repeataion


Large format cutting for customized sizes

 Sealing the edges guarantees clean and flat edge

 Any pattern and shape can be laser cut

 No fabric deformation and damage

 Constant and repeatable cutting quality

 No tool abrasion and replacement

  Customized table for any size of materials

Recommended Fabric Laser Cutting Machine for Nylon

• Laser Power: 100W / 130W / 150W

• Working Area: 1600mm * 1000mm

• Laser Power: 100W / 130W / 150W

• Working Area: 1600mm * 1000mm

•  Collecting Area: 1600mm * 500mm

• Laser Power: 150W / 300W / 500W

• Working Area: 1600mm * 3000mm

Laser processing for Nylon


1. Laser Cutting Nylon

Cutting nylon sheets to size within 3 steps, the CNC laser machine can clone the design file to 100 percent.

1. Place the nylon fabric on the working table;

2. Upload the cutting file or design the cutting path on the software;

3. Start the machine with the appropriate setting.

2. Laser Engraving on Nylon

In industrial production, marking is a common requirement for product type identification, data management, and affirming the right location to stitch the next sheet of material for a follow-up procedure. Laser engraving on nylon materials can perfectly solve the trouble. Importing the engraving file, setting the laser parameter, pressing the start button, the laser cutting machine then engrave the drill hole marks on the fabric, to mark the placement of things like Velcro pieces, to later be sewn on top of the fabric.


3. Laser Perforating on Nylon

Thin but powerful laser beam can fast perforate on nylon including blended, composite textiles to conduct dense and different sizes & shapes holes, while no any materials adhesion. Tidy and clean without post-processing.

Application of Laser Cutting Nylon

• Seatbelt

• Ballistic Equipment

Clothing and Fashion

• Military Clothing

Synthetic Textiles

• Medical Device

• Interior Design



• Package


Material information of Nylon Laser Cutting


Firstly successfully being commercialized as synthetic thermoplastic polymer, nylon 6,6 are launched by DuPont as military clothing, synthetic textiles, medical devices. With high resistance of abrasion, high tenacity, rigidity and toughness, elasticity, nylon can be melt-processed into different fibers, films, or shape and play versatile roles in apparel, flooring, electrical equipment and molded parts for automotive and aviation. Combined with blending and coating technology, nylon has developed many variations. Nylon 6, nylon 510, nylon-cotton, nylon-polyester are taking on responsibilities in various occasions.  As an artificial composite material, nylon can be perfectly cut on Fabric Laser Cut Machine. No worry about material distortion and damage, laser systems featured by contactless and forceless processing. Superior colorfastness and dying for varieties of colors, printed and dyed nylon fabrics can be laser cut into accurate patterns and shapes. Supported by Recognition Systems, laser cutter will be your good helper in processing nylon materials.

How to cut ripstop nylon? Can laser cut ripstop nylon?

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