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Material Overview – Velcro

Material Overview – Velcro

Laser Cutting Velcro

Professional and qualified laser cutting machine for Velcro

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As a lightweight and durable substitute for fixing something, Velcro has been used in increasing applications, like clothing, bag, footwear, industrial cushion, etc. Mostly made of nylon and polyester, Velcro with hook surface and the suede surface has unique material structure and has been developed varieties of shapes as growing customized requirements. Laser cutter possesses fine laser beam and swift laser head to realize easily flexible cutting for Velcro. Laser thermal treatment brings sealed and clean edges, getting rid of post-processing for the burr.

How to cut Velcro

Traditional Velcro Tape Cutter normally use knife tool. The automatic laser velcro tape cutter can not only cut the velcro into sections but also cut to any shape if needed, even cut small holes on velcro for further processing. Agile and powerful laser head emits the thin laser beam to melt the edge to achieve laser cutting Synthetical Textiles. Sealing edges when cutting.

Benefits from laser cut Velcro

Velcro edge

Clean and sealed edge

Velcro multishapes

Multi-shapes and sizes

Velcro non distorion

Non distorion & damage

Sealed and clean edge with heat treatment

Fine and accurate incision

High flexibility for material shape and size

Free of material distortion and damage

No tool maintenance and replacement

Automated feeding and cutting

Application of laser cutting on Velcro


Sports equipment (ski-wear)

Bag and package

Automotive sector

Mechanical engineering

Medical supplies

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Material information of laser cutting Velcro

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Developed by Velcro, the hook and loop have derived more Velcro made from nylon, polyester, blend of nylon and polyester. Velcro is divided into hook surface and suede surface, through the hook surface and suede interlocking each other to form a huge horizontal adhesive tension. Owning a long service life, about 2,000 to 20,000 times, Velcro has excellent features with lightweight, strong practicability, wide applications, cost-effectively, durable, and repeated washing and use.

Velcro is widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, toys, luggage, and many outdoor sports equipment. In the industrial field, Velcro not only plays a role in connection but also exists as a cushion. It is the first choice for many industrial products because of its low cost and strong stickiness.

Want to obtain Velcro with various shapes and contour? Traditional processing methods are difficult to meet the customized requirements, like the knife and punching processes. No need for mould and tool maintenance, versatile laser cutter can cut any pattern and shape on Velcro.

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