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Material Overview – Velvet

Material Overview – Velvet

Laser Cut Velvet Fabric

Material information of Laser Cutting Velvet

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The word “velvet” comes from the Italian word velluto, meaning “shaggy.” The nap of the fabric is relatively flat and smooth, which is a good material for the clothing, curtains sofa covers, etc. Velvet used to only refer to the material made of pure silk, but nowadays many other synthetic fibers join the production which greatly reduces the cost. There are 7 different velvet fabric types, based on the diverse materials and woven styles:

Crushed Velvet

Panne Velvet

Embossed Velvet


Plain Velvet

Stretch Velvet

How to cut Velvet?

Easy shedding and pilling are one of the shortcomings of velvet fabric because velvet will form short fur in the process of production and processing, traditional cutting velvet fabric by the yard such as knife cutting or punching will further destroy the fabric. And velvet is relatively smooth and loose, thus it is difficult to fix the material while cutting.

More importantly, stretch velvet can be distorted and damaged on account of stressful processing, which makes a bad impact on quality and yield.

Traditional Cutting Method for Velvet

Better Method to Cut Velvet Upholstery Fabric

▌Great difference and benefits from laser machine

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Laser Cutting for Velvet

 Minimize the waste of material to a great extend

 Automatic seal the edge of velvet, no shedding or lint during cutting

 Non-contact cutting = no force = constant high cutting quality

Laser Engraving for Velvet

✔ Creating an effect of like Devoré (also called burnout, which is a fabric technique particularly used on velvets)

 Bring more flexible processing procedure

 Unique engraving flavor under heat treatment process


laser engraving velvet

Recommended Fabric Laser Cutting Machine for Velvet

• Working Area: 1600mm * 1000mm (62.9” * 39.3 ”)

• Laser Power: 100W/150W/300W

• Working Area: 1800mm * 1000mm (70.9” * 39.3 ”)

• Laser Power: 100W/150W/300W

• Working Area: 400mm * 400mm (15.7” * 15.7”)

• Laser Power: 180W/250W/500W

Applications of Laser Cutting & Engraving Velvet

• Clothing(Dress)

• Accessories

• Upholstery

• Pillowcase

• Curtain

• Sofa Cover

• Laser cut velvet shawl


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